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The journey of Kamani Foods spans over six decades of heritage in the field of speciality oils, fats and edible oils. It all started when the first-generation of the family migrated from Sind, Sukkur (now in Pakistan) to India.

In the year 1995, two cousins Mr. Tarachand Chawla and Mr. Nandlal Chawla capitalized on their immense experience in the edible oil and copra (crushed coconut) sectors to establish Kamani Oil Industries Prop. Chawla Bros. Pvt. Ltd.

They set up their roots in a sprawling base in Sakinaka (Mumbai), initially concentrating on the business of copra. The enterprise soon flourished in production capacity, to cover the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.


The hard work and legacy continued into the family through the efforts of Mr. Vinay Chawla and Mr. Prakash Chawla (prodigies of Mr. Tarachand Chawla and Mr. Nandlal Chawla, respectively).

The Sakinaka plant soon grew to become a pioneer in industrial oil and fat applications. With their efforts, the second plant in Khopoli was established in 2008, known as “Kamani Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd” with equity partnership of IFC.

This entity grew leaps and bounds in the years to follow taking dominant share of the speciality applications as well as consumer preferences through its cooking oil range. In September 2015, the global specialty giant AAK (AarhusKarshalm) acquired majority stake in the specialty and industrial fats.

As part of this acquisition, the consumer division was spun off into a separate entity which is now Kamani Foods Pvt Ltd and is fully owned by Mr. Tarachand Chawla and Mr. Vinay Chawla.

Riso 100% Rice Bran Oil has been our flagship brand and is robustly supported by the Svity range of premium niche oils and Cocopure. With 125 distributors and 25,000 retailers spread across urban and rural markets in Maharashtra, Kamani Foods is looking to#now expand in additional geographies and markets.

Mission Statement

To enhance the well-being of our consumers through our premium range of finest products.
We are determined to serve our stakeholders through constant Innovation in product, process and technology with intense focus on stakeholder needs & a dedication to meet those needs with a sense of urgency.
Our Values

The values that we hold are at the core of the organization- forming the essence of our thoughts and demonstrated through our actions.


We strongly believe in doing the ‘right things the right way’. We act with complete honesty and are consistent in whatever we do and say.


We are authentic in our engagements and everything we do and say is trust enhancing and open.


We hold highest standards in whatever we do and continuously evolve to surpass ourselves.

Our Philosophy

We believe business is the pursuit of values, of which profit is only one of the measures.

The impact we create towards the well-being of our stakeholders is core to what drives us as an organisation.

We value all our stakeholders and are committed to nurture the deep connections we have forged with them with authenticity.

Our people are empowered to take control of their performance, bringing ideas to actions, connecting through our values and a sense of common purpose which makes each element of our organization radiant and wholesome. We are together in this process to drive a future of our making, the best that it can be. We are committed to endow and nurture YOU to Own Your Future. It is the underpinning of everything we do!






people strength



Kamani Foods believe everyone can own their future with us.

We believe we are partners in this venture and are together on this journey of excellence – through our values and common purpose, we will be able to predict and drive a future of our own making, the best that can be.

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