We at Kamani Foods believe business is the pursuit of values, of which profit is only one of the measures. We believe that there is greater value in giving back to the society by supporting its less opportune section to rise and achieve independence.

With this vision in mind, Ninaad Wellbeing Foundation has been established. The Foundation works closely with social organizations, philanthropic institutions, government institutes and corporates to bring a sustainable development in the society for all.

Our Mission


To engage and contribute in the wellbeing of the society and bring about a change in perception of the society with respect to backward and specially abled communities

To assist in the sustainable development of a community with special needs in education and training in order to deem them eligible for equal employment opportunities


To provide education infrastructures and other facilities to schools, NGOs, colleges and other such educational institutions for the welfare of children.
To support in the development of various skills such as life skills and computer skills.
To create opportunities for all deserving and under privileged individuals in order for them to achieve complete economic independence.
To strive for a more compatible society by providing support in education, healthcare, art and culture, and other such programs.



Public Mindedness


Programs of Ninaad foundation

Volunteer for a cause : We encourage our employees to be part of the Ninaad Wellbeing’s activities. The organization envisions to instil empathy amongst the workforce so it can set a strong value system in the work culture. We motivate our employees to volunteer with Foundation on their regular workday hours as we believe volunteering culture in the organization will help them to find their own way to give back to the society.

Girl Child Education : Education is the stepping stone to a successful career. This program provides education sponsorship for five years to girls from economically weaker background. The aforesaid support is extended from class 11th to their graduation. As the foundation help girls with education sponsorship, Kamani Foods employees contribute their expertise to upgrade life skills necessary for their career. The sessions and workshops are designed considering the demand and requirement of the future.

Upgrading Future Skills : In 2020, 65% of India’s population will be under the age of 35 which will give the country an advantage of having one of the world’s youngest population. Along with the aforesaid advantage there will also be a risk of having the highest unskilled labour in the country. Here is why we have focused our efforts to upgrade life skills among the youth population. This program helps youth acquire Vocational skills necessary for a job with a three months of internship program at Kamani Foods giving them a hands on experience to work in an industry.

Disability support and Employment : People with disability are like any other human beings who have their own dreams and aspirations. The foundation thrives to enhance life skills among disabled which would help them to lead a life with dignity. The vocational training and internship are the key component of this program where they learn some of the top essential skills. We have not only been part of this training process but we have also hired people with disability to work with us. Our aim is to enhance the extraordinary abilities amongst the disabled.

Kamani Foods is consistently committed to grow its business in a socially responsible way. Thus, to create a sustainable impact in the society the foundation has partnered with grassroot organization to support its developmental work in the focused area.

Ninaad Wellbeing Events

Life skill Training- New batch
Felicitation ceremony of the Previous batch of Life skill Training students
Another step towards change-Parivartan Mahila Sanstha
Spreading smiles on innocent faces suffering from Cancer

Our Partners







people strength



Kamani Foods believe everyone can own their future with us.

We believe we are partners in this venture and are together on this journey of excellence – through our values and common purpose, we will be able to predict and drive a future of our own making, the best that can be.

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