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Life at Kamani Foods

Kamani Foods is an employee driven organization and we try to consider all the possible comfort for our employees which includes various initiatives in the spheres of financial security, learning, and healthcare.

Life at Kamani Foods is truly an exceptional experience as we like to make all efforts to turn ‘work’ enjoyable and fun for our employees, thereby facilitating a constant instream of fresh and innovative ideas.

To enhance our employees’ capabilities, easing their working process, and keeping everyone updated about the use of latest technology, we regularly undertake training programs.

We take pride in our immensely positive work culture that helps all employees succeed in their professional space. At the same time, we do manage to ring in all celebrations together as a ‘family’! Festivities are always a priority, be it Christmas, Diwali or any organization achievement.

Why Work with Us?

We are a different lot.

We are promoter owned but not promoter driven

We are Indian but Global in our thinking and very very proud of our roots

Our core focus is constantly on the overall wellbeing of our staff, with professional ethics on the centre stage. At, Kamani Foods, we believe in achieving excellence through the right means and rewarding performances in all fairness.
Kamani foods is a six-decade-old enterprise. We have always been on the forefront of innovation and have actively facilitated many technological advancements in the edible oil manufacturing industry. Right now, we are gearing up for the future with smart systems, smart processes, and smart business models. Backed with cutting-edge systems and tools, we are growing our set-up to expand our market and product portfolio. For this, we are looking for people who can enhance our vision, embrace our work culture and evolve into leaders. Someone who knows how to collaborate, adapt and deliver brilliantly.
Think you got that? Then we would love to hear from you!
To ‘Own Your Future’, email your CV to careers@kamanifoods.com or check out our current openings here.






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Kamani Foods believe everyone can own their future with us.

We believe we are partners in this venture and are together on this journey of excellence – through our values and common purpose, we will be able to predict and drive a future of our own making, the best that can be.

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